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Our selection of handcrafted woodworks include Designs of Domestic Hardwoods (also Imported Hardwoods, upon request) for your use and enjoyment Personally, as well as in your Office, Home, Kitchen, Shop and Truck.

Hand-Crafted Designs for your Personal Use

Unique, well-designed functional items for you  and your personal enjoyment ~ you’ll love the “hefty” feel of your 50-Caliber (an actual “spent” solid-brass cartridge) Twist Ball-Point Pen (Cross Refills)  –or–  30-Caliber Bullet with Bolt-Action (Right or Left Handed) Ball-Point Pen (Parker Refills); and to scratch that itch, a solid brass Back-Scratcher with a hardwood handle.

Custom Designs for Your Office

Unique, well-designed functional items for your Office ~ you’ll enjoy enhancing your office décor with these practical, lasting designs of beauty ~ Business Card Holders, Business Card & Pen Holders, and Custom Book-Ends ~ upon request with the inclusion of your prized décor items.

Handcrafted Designs for Your Home

Candle Designs for your Table / Mantle  –  or Wall-Mounting, with the natural beauty of Domestic Hardwoods of American Walnut, Maple, Cherry, Oak, Mahogany for TeaLite Candle Holders  —  Custom Combo Floor Lamp and Shotgun Stand

Custom Designs for Your Kitchen

Unique, totally functional, well-designed items for your Kitchen ~ you’ll enjoy displaying, daily utilization, and entertaining with these practical, lasting designs of beauty including: Stn-Stl Pizza Cutters, Gold TN Ice Cream Scoopers, and Solid Brass Dinner Bells.

Handcrafted Tools

Rugged tools you’ll take pleasure in using and treasure as a keep-sake ~ pass them on to someone who appreciates form as well as function.

Custom Handcrafted Plaques & Enhancements for your Truck, Office, or Shop

Rugged and functional enhancements for your truck’s bed, rails & tool-box.

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